If you've never been involved in the college placement of a prospective student athlete, you probably have some questions. Here are some answers. 

What is the recruiting process? 

The college recruiting process is the opportunity to find your future college through communication, evaluation and decision making. The three major components that you will be judged on are high school grades, ACT/SAT scores, and athletic results. It is never too early to start the recruiting process; however, most of the work is completed in the second semester of your junior year and the first semester of your senior year. 

What is an early read? 

You should send your transcripts to the coaching staff at schools early in the process. Coaching staff will have the admissions department evaluate your transcripts and let you know if you are in the range for possible admission. At colleges that offer merit based aid, an early read can give you an idea about the amount of aid you may qualify for.

What are the coaches looking for? 

Coaches are looking for student-athletes who can impact their starting line up with both good grades and good character. Coaches are always looking for ways to enhance and evolve their teams.  Coaches do recruit walk-ons to add depth to their rosters, but a walk-on still needs a strong GPA and ability to play at the level of the starting line-up.  

What are the big three in the college recruiting process? 

To  be recruited you must have a SAT score that meets the college's academic standards, official and unofficial copies of your high school transcripts that show a strong GPA and courseload, and your NCAA eligibility center number. These elements are used to judge your standing for admission.