Scott Treibly discusses the college athlete recruiting process and explains why you should choose Recruit Fit to ensure that you find the perfect college for you.

Learn the steps you should be taking right now to create a successful college placement strategy.


With thousands of prospective athletes competing for coveted scholarships and academic slots, the college recruitment process has become more competitive than ever. 

The goal should always be to become part of a program that will be the right fit for you. Recruit Fit has the expertise to guide and advise you every step of the way. The college placement process is a journey, not a race. And it’s never too early to get started.

Recruit Fit is designed to help support the college placement process from A-Z. 

Recruit Fit first conducts a full academic and athletic evaluation in order to make a list of colleges that fits your criteria and results. Recruit Fit will then guide and advise the athlete on important details and milestones during their college application process.  Prospective student athletes must take an active role in the time consuming college application process to successfully find themselves attending a college that meets their athletic, academic, and personal goals. 

Recruit Fit services for prospective athlete: 

  • Help create a realistic college placement game plan.
  • Create a college list.
  • Evaluate your athletic and academic talent. 
  • Sign up for the NCAA clearinghouse and gain a basic understanding of the rules.
  • Offer guidance in making a college video that showcases your talent and skill. 
  • Understand the requirements for each academic and athletic college/university you plan to apply for.
  • Explain what coaches in your sport are looking for.
  • Know the difference between an unofficial and official school visit, and organize them accordingly.
  • Help with follow up with college coaches.
  • Help with scholarship negotiations and decision making on the right FIT. 

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To get started we will need your:

  • academic transcripts
  • standardized test scores
  • athletic results